The Plateau

Minthis Hills is a resort built around nature, the golf course (the first one in Cyprus), and barefoot luxury” and the joy of nature being maintained in its surroundings.

The Minthis Hills resort embraces five million square meters of wild nature, it is located at 560 meters above sea level, on the slopes of a mountain area, it has a special microclimate, that benefits from the fresh breeze and low humidity.


The urban plan that develops the complex is based on the idea of preserving and improving the natural conditions, minimizing the intervention on the site and maximizing the views. It creates a balance between contemporary design and the environment by fitting the residences into the landscape, supporting them on the ground and protecting the peaks and crests, with an organic layout that maximises the views and privacy of each property.

It was recognised from the beginning that the density of the development had to be limited in order to ensure the preservation of the landscape’s natural values; only five percent of the area would be built, the rest would remain as open spaces of virgin nature. Ensuring the right balance between the built shapes, facilities, open spaces and the environment is an essential part of the project’s vision. Pafilia, the developer, is looking for the highest quality of design, execution and materials. The result is a resort that is a reference in the Mediterranean.

Pafilia asked ÁBATON to design a development of single-family homes that would complete the complex’s housing offer with a smaller product at a slightly lower price. The proposal consists of 14 villas, overlooking the Mediterranean, 3 different designs of 2 or 3 bedrooms on one floor, and some of them with the possibility of having an additional independent guest room.

Team: Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso, Ignacio Lechón, Fernando Alonso, Juan Bustamante

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