ÁBATON was founded in 1998 by Camino Alonso, Ignacio Lechón and Carlos Alonso. From the beginning they aimed for the projects to express the facts that defined the Studio. To achieve it they started up the Construction Company in order to control the whole building process as well as the final result. ÁBATON projects’ impact determined the high turnout of clients searching for a place that expressed the same language of light, sustainability and space that ÁBATON applies to all its projects. Currently, ÁBATON is developing more efficient work processes to confront bigger challenges that have to do with the international growth of the Studio.

The passage of time, the constant improvement, the refinement of details and the incorporation of new techniques inform each of the projects in our portfolio. More than 130 new homes and the renovation of more than 1200 flats/apartments have gathered a multitude of details and specific solutions for the client or specific site within the same language.

They soon realize that in order to execute the projects they design, deep involvement in the work phase is essential and, deepening in this need, is how they constitute and build the company. The impact of the ÁBATON projects – widely photographed and published in the most prominent specialized media – determined the influx of clients in search of spaces that included the same language of light, sustainability and a design that applies the studio to all projects.

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