Semi-Detached House in La Moraleja

To refurbish a house that was in good condition, but with cold-looking finishes such as marble floors and fully tiled kitchen and bathrooms, we wanted a proposal that would give a sense of unity to the entire house, creating a warm and clear background based on natural elements on which to overlap the works of art and objects of the owners.

For this purpose, oak wood was used to cover floors, walls and headboards, as well as exposed iron and limestone. Open spaces are projected with materials in continuity, with custom-made furniture and very clean walls. The air-conditioning installation is completely modified, going for air-thermal heating, in order to eliminate radiators, providing the house with a radiant and refrigerating floor system complemented by air-conditioning.


Even the basement, where the laundry and the guest room are located, shares finishes with the rest of the house and the same care in every detail, with custom-made oak furniture, which hides closets and a nice warm laundry room that opens to the corridor by a large sliding door.

Therefore the answer is the same for all the bathrooms, with the same finishes for the main and children’s bathroom, which share concept with the master bedroom when it comes to unifying the bedroom area, study area, dressing room and bathroom.

The ground floor is a sequence of spaces for the living room, dining room and kitchen, which are visually connected from start to finish and with the outside, enhancing the front and back gardens. These gardens were transformed with a planting design suitable for low incidence of sun and they were provided with the opening of a large gap in the area of the lounge, which together with the use of outdoor flooring in continuity with the interior floor, dissolves the boundaries between interior and exterior.

Finally, the owners’ choice of having the latest technological devices, gives the house the comfort and functionality that complements the natural materials to make the renovation of this house a great proposal.

Team: Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso, Ignacio Lechón, Fernando Alonso, Eva Espada
Interior Design: BATAVIA · Photography: Silvio Posada

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