ÁBATON Headquarters

Located in the outskirts of Madrid, the plot has many outstanding oak trees and is next to some well established buildings. The main objective was that the building itself be alandmark within the estate and to show ÁBATON’s work in a neat and symbolic manner. It is a multi-purpose area that has a show-room, offices and the construction company’s warehouse. The concrete façade was set back and a tree-lined area was given over to a public path suggesting a friendly environment.


The storeroom of construction materials is set in a space which is 9 metres deep providing cool air to the office space during the summer months by way of currents of air avoiding the need of installing air conditioning machines. The under floor heating system with a condensing boiler, incorporates an absorption machine to produce cool air in the summer run on solar panels and vacuum capacitors set on the roof top.

The large swimming pool helps to clear the heat coming from the absorption machine. The concrete walls in the basement were covered with shelves and cupboards increasing thermal insulation. A cube was embedded in the centre of the building and floating above the basement, serves as the heart of the property being the place which leads to the upper areas by way of an interior excavation.

As for the main materials used in the build: Honed limestone floors laid over an under floor heating system. Plastered walls finished in matt white paint. Facades clad with coloured mortar render. Flat roofs layered with gravel. Interior woodwork and doors made from white-lacquered MDF. Exterior joinery made from lacquered aluminium.

Team: Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso, Ignacio Lechón, Fernando Alonso, Rafael Martin del Rincon, Marta Hombrados, Cris Alemán, David Hiniesto
Interior Design: BATAVIA · Photography: Juan Baraja

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