Landscape in El Pardo

The aim of the intervention is the landscaping and external development work of a restaurant on the outskirts of Madrid. Previous to the intervention, the landscaping was defined by its fragility and by the lack of a unified idea in its conception. The reason for the landscaping project was to adequate the restaurant’s outdoor space to the requirements of the renovation project, meeting its demands.


The project is divided into 5 areas with different features.

Main access. The aim was to enhance the surprise effect, so that the visitor does not discover the whole at first.

The entrance effect is achieved in the first instance by the presence of two existing samples of melia azedarach. Immediately in front there is a sample of liquidambar styraciflua. Behind the liquidambar there is a line of acer saccharinum, which is combined with the existing plane trees. Going along with the visitor towards the main entrance, there is a ginkgo biloba grove surrounded by several cotinus coggygria royal purple bushes.

Terraces in contact with the stream. In this area you can distinguish the terrace from the sleepers and the terraces in direct contact with the stream that are paved with terracotta tiles. There are four independent terraces that correspond to the dining areas inside the building.

Children’s area. With an area of approximately 1,200 square meters, this is a fenced area around the edge of the building, using a cotoneaster franchetti hedge to ensure the safety of children. It can be accessed from the family building, as well as from the main entrance through a gate in a wooden rollstock. Access to the car park. It is a tree-lined walk with an upward slope, formed by a double alignment made up of samples of tilia cordata and, at a lower level, formed by pyrus calleryana.

The access road to the car park is made of compacted sand and it is limited by a rigola kerb made of precast concrete. In the contact with the external fence there is a continuous bamboo hedge, framed by a domestic mnandina alignment. Car park. The starting point for the design of this area was to increase the number of parking spaces without affecting the existing trees. In this way, platforms with a slight slope have been developed to adapt to the height of the neck of the trees, and all the trees have been preserved. A bush base has been incorporated, consisting of: abelia, shallots, viburnus tinus, arbutus unedo and euonimus japonicus, placed on a mulch base.

Team: Ignacio Lechón, Fernando Alonso

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