Refurbishment close to Bernabéu Stadium

The first aim of ÁBATON when facing the project was to open the divided spaces to let the natural light come into every corner of the house. In the current living-dining room area, there used to be three separate rooms.


We changed the layout of the large window, using wider glass panels and finer carpentry. It was not only a question of getting more light into the house, but also of giving the trees on the street a greater presence on the inside. Light was also intended to cross from one side of the house to the other, from the patio to the outside. To do this, an open space was left for the kitchen, which can be closed with a large sliding door that stops noise and smells from entering the living room.

The complex geometry of the house was controlled through the storage spaces and many shelves were added at the customers’ request. For example, the entrance shelf allows light to enter but at the same time adds privacy to the living room. Therefore, the house responds to an image of contemporary spaces. By emphasizing elements such as the exposed concrete columns, oak floors that give coziness to the whole or the bookshelves of great lightness that give importance to books and decoration, mixed between wooden drawers, we achieve to give dynamism.

Regarding the private spaces, a room was designed for the son with a shared bathroom for guests, as well as a maid’s room with a laundry room, both linked to the patio. The main bedroom, on the other side of the house, was conceived as an isolated space, with an additional room that serves as a reading nook, gym and dressing room, taking advantage of the corner of the window. In the main room, we also looked for flexibility, conceiving a small office/relax area and leaving the bathroom and shower visually open to provide light to the space. Because in a house that is all about light, you can’t hide anything.

Team: Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso, Ignacio Lechón, Fernando Alonso, Javier Montero, Mario Vazquez, Clara Farinella
Interior Design: BATAVIA · Photographies: Belén Imaz

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