Full renovation in Almagro

The intervention restores the building by improving the interior distribution, recovering the potential of the space and bringing natural light into the interior spaces of the house.

After these considerations, it was decided to differentiate the social spaces from the private ones, developing the public programme around an open, wide hall.


The public rooms that communicate with the hall (living room, dining room and kitchen) are organised as a series of spaces connected to each other that increase the spatial perception, allowing visual continuity and bringing natural light into the interior.

From the hall, you can access the living room, also located in the heart of the house. The living room, designed for the family, is a filter area between the public and private spaces. Through it you can access the master bedroom and two other bedrooms located in the most sheltered and intimate part of the house in order to provide rest and privacy. All the bedrooms have a large dressing room and afully equipped bathroom. The main bedroom is distinguished by its high ceilings with stunning floral mouldings.

The furnishing has been tailor-made and does not voluntarily reach the height of the ceilings so that the mouldings are read as a whole from each side of the bedroom. The atmosphere is cozy and warm due to the recovery of the materials as well as the unique elements of the house: the high ceilings and their colourful mouldings, an old marble fireplace and the carpentry (doors and windows).

The exposed brick wall reveals the traditional construction system that was used. The steel reinforcements in the openings are a main element in the project, the original structure is uncovered, supported by the sheets, in such a way that they are visible and essential. The original mouldings have been carefully cleaned and refurbished in collaboration with a restorer from Madrid, giving sense to them by painting the ceiling in the same colour, unlike the walls. All the wooden windows of the house have been recovered, as well as the doors with greater detail and relevance, being integrated into the project in a gentle and respectful way.

The project recovers the original spatial conditions, its materials, showing the unavoidable course of time, without giving up a contemporary conception of the use of space and its language.

Equipo: Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso, Ignacio Lechón, Fernando Alonso, Clara Farinella, Carlos Jimenez
Arquitectura y construcción: ÁBATON · Interiorismo: BATAVIA · Fotografías: Belén Imaz

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