Country House LS


The restoration project is located on a plot of over thirty hectares. It’s an area with magnificent holm oaks and an extended wild meadow. It’s something very similar to paradise.

In the central area there are several buildings; a main house, a guard-house, a horse stable and a dovecote. These make up the 600 meters building complex in which the restoration project takes place. In this area the intervention on the landscape is minimal and mainly focused on preserving the natural environment.

The family house is on the top of a small hill in an area approximately three hundred square meters large. Thea ccess is through a sandy path flanked by holm oaks and massive granite rocks emerging from the ground.


The building complex defines a patio – a free open space between the structures with an olive tree in the center and a huge oak in the background. This is where access to the different buildings is centralized.

The project was focused on recovering the 70 cm granite walls. Making the pre-existing perforations bigger in order to let more light into the house. The space is treated as if it was a solid piece, carving it and perforating it. The holes in the walls are living spaces designed to enjoy the comfort of the house and the impressive nature that surrounds it.. Each hole is an extension of a pre-existing hole, so by looking at the facades you can reconstruct their original composition.

Within the perforated stone mass, the space has been distributed through an independent structure with three floors that merge through a continuous space. The bookshelf-staircase is the central part of the house and represents the essence of the house in which the structure becomes the finish, the windows become part of the rooms and the three floors merge in only one common space.

The main house has two entrances. One in the south facade, through a stone hallway that works was a filter between exterior and interior space. The other entrance from the back connects the house with the olive tree patio. The kitchen and living areas are located on the ground floor and bedrooms are on the upper floors.

The ground floor is an open and versatile space. Two large sliding walls allow the owners to share the space in a unique huge or to separate rooms with different uses when required: kitchen – living room – study/guest room. The kitchen window focuses on the beautiful mountains rising behind a horizon of holm oak tops. The large window of the living room opens the views to the park t the south while the window of the study is focused on enjoying the large oak tree in that side.

The staircase covers the entire height of the building and connects the floors with a spacious continuum. The different spaces connect with each other. Upstairs, the space of the staircase faces the north views and organizes the bedrooms. We can enjoy the views to the mountains through the square shaped windows.

The master bedroom is divided into two floors connected with each other by the iron stairs that starts at a pedestal by the bathtub. The door to the bathroom and the shutter are made of wood. The original granite walls of the house can be discovered behind them. In the highest floor, the square window that frames the horizon towards Madrid is the center of a peaceful retreat room for parents.

In the guest house, the spaces are positioned around a special closet. This is, at the same time, kitchen, wall, staircase and bed headboard, as well as structure support for the top floor penthouse. One single element acting as the main character in the layout of the house.

Team: Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso, Ignacio Lechón, Fernando Alonso, Elía Peroni, Carlos Jiménez, Clara Farinella
Interior Design: BATAVIA · Photography: Belén Imaz

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