Global Architecture & Design Award 2018. Interior-Corporate (Built).

BATAVIA, a Madrid destination furniture showroom for contemporary and modern design, celebrates its 20th year in business with the launch of its new flagship space in the Palacio de Santa Bárbara. In a 400sqm space, designed by the affiliated architecture studio ÁBATON, the former stables of the mid 19th century mansion have been transformed into a serene modern space. In homage to its last tenant, a hardware store which had occupied the space since 1906, ÁBATON decided to keep several elements of the existing space. Exuding warmth and patina, the space created includes original mosaic floors, exposed solid stone support columns, in addition to new large steel cased apertures which link the various spaces of the new showroom.


The flagship includes a new thoughtfully curated and displayed design gift section, for which the architects repurposed the hardware store’s original shelving, with the clever addition of a sophisticated and discrete lighting system. Cutting edge brands share space with items by local artisans and designers, complementing BATAVIA’s eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage furniture, lighting, original art, antiques, and vintage rugs.

Team: Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso, Ignacio Lechón, Fernando Alonso, Jesus Ágreda, Jorge Porto
Photography: Belén Imaz; Juan Baraja

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