Ayala House II, Duplex Renovation

The intervention seeks to remove the divisions that existed in the original house on both floors. The upper floor is divided into a fan shape, taking the staircase as the center, considerably reducing the area of the distributor. On the ground floor, the aim is to reduce the boundaries to the maximum, allowing practically the entire floor to be perceived from the entrance space. This area goes to the living and dining room only interrupted by a column that is reduced to the minimum by leaving it exposed. The kitchen is an extension of the entrance thanks to a sliding door that disappears. The maid’s room, guest toilet, laundry room and storeroom are in the darkest part of the house, hidden by a panelling in the entrance and achieving a perception of closets.


The staircase element, axis of the project and of the distribution of the dwelling, is compressed by a spiral shape that liberates the entrance space, which previously was invading. It is made up of two elements: a continuous solid block with the floor, which is embedded in the corner of the ground floor, as a container for facilities and storage, and a very light element, made of sheet steel, in the last part. The kitchen is designed as a living space in addition to its usual purpose. To do this, the materials have an essential role. The floor and niche in oak wood, the island, the white furniture and the window achieve the sensation that it can be used as any other room in the house. Light is an essential feature of the existing dwelling, and is still present after the remodelling, giving natural light to practically all the spaces, even those that are not linked to the facade.

Team: Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso, Ignacio Lechón, Cristina Peréz, Eva Espada
Interior Design: BATAVIA · Photography: Belén Imaz

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