AF Project


The house is isolated on the plot, and the topography has been changed just for the construction establishment. All the built elements, including the entrances, have been arranged to preserve the existing holm oaks and connect them to the building, looking for the insertion in the landscape.

Facing the South, the house arranges the most private rooms towards the interior of the plot and the household services area towards the exterior, also aiming for the best sunlight in all the living spaces and having the largest garden area towards the South.

There is a volumetric cube of two heights above ground level and the roof. It is built on a reinforced concrete slab in the basement on which a structure of load-bearing walls made of laminated wood (CLT) is supported. This construction system, together with the aerothermic system combined with low temperature floor heating, provides the house with a high thermal efficiency.


The building is arranged in an “L” shape, getting a garden area that becomes more intimate as it is separated from the street. In continuity and looking at this space, there is a living room, kitchen, outdoor dining room and playing area, and the upper floors and holm oaks are set back to the edges of the plot creating a green curtainthat isolates the house from noise and street traffic. The only volume at the South is half-buried and covered with a green roof, visually expanding this garden to the South, where the swimming pool is located.

However, on the upper floor, the rooms are displayed as small oases in which each one looks for its own views of the outside. The result is a very luminous house in which the presence of the garden and the existing oaks is always present. The uses are enclosed in volumes of different sizes, which are linked at different heights to create a dynamic result. Two perpendicular volumes of different heights are joined, together with another half-buried one, and they form an open courtyard that faces South and East, trying to optimise the orientation and views and minimizing the presence of the building on the plot. One of the pieces is a volume that is emptied to fit the living room. The perpendicular piece is built with a base over which the bedrooms fly, with a wider span. The stairs between the ground floor and the first floor are almost sculptural and emerge from the building bringing light into the rooms to which they are connected. They are made of double-stepped concrete.

The organisation of the program allows each room to have the best possible orientation and views, in the same way that good and comfortable natural lighting is provided in all the rooms. The living room, dining room, outdoor lounge and, separated by the access and stairs, the maid’s room and kitchen are located on the ground floor. The kitchen has direct communication with the garden and both areas are linked by a pergola that covers an outdoor dining room, with the half-buried volume that constitutes the chill-out area, cinema and games linked to the swimming pool. On the first floor, the most private family room arranges the master bedroom, which is facing South, with an open bathroom and two dressing rooms, and other three rooms with bathroom and independent terraces. In the basement there is a garage, a laundry room, a gym, a sauna, storage rooms and two other rooms linked to patios that provide natural light to them.

Team: Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso, Ignacio Lechón, Fernando Alonso, Cristina Peréz, Yolanda Bellosta
Photography: Belén Imaz · Interior Design: BATAVIA

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