Two residential buildings of singular architecture in which each apartment is an independent property, with its own specific elements: landscaped terraces, private swimming pools in many of the properties, fireplaces etc.

We were obliged by public law to construct two buildings in order to achieve the maximum building capacity on the plot of land. We proposed the construction of one building leading of the street as a singular but peaceful element to give the image of continuity with the neighbourhood.


At the same time, given the absence of regulating laws on current demand, we decided to comply rigorously to the regulations constructing a second building which does not relate to any of the neighbouring properties, but which leaves no observer indifferent.

A circular building with a concrete structural façade that emerges from the basement and breaks up as the building rises, maximizing the south facing aspect for all the apartments. A central courtyard with open spaces gives access to each apartment. This project breaks with the standard urban development model in the area, with its abusive number of terraced houses. A milestone has been created in the domain of low density resident buildings, very green, with landscaped rooftops.

Interior Design: BATAVIA

Elevation and topographic map.

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