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Rethinking The Future Awards 2020. Categorie: Housing – upto 5 floors (Built).

ARV8 is the tallest building in Madrid built in plywood. But ÁBATON is not looking for any record with this project. With this construction system we take a step forward towards sustainability in construction since, while improving the energy efficiency of the building, less waste is generated, the carbon footprint is minimized and more usable area is achieved in the same built space. This 7-storey building, built in a wooden structure, includes three houses, each one with a unique configuration that suits the needs of its owner. The peculiarity of the interior is translated into a charming rhythm of the openings that compose its façade.


n this project ÁBATON gathers elements that have been a hallmark of our designs, such as open, versatile spaces with interior-exterior continuity and with minimum residual spaces. At the same time, the use of wood as a structural material, allows that, with a surface treatment, it also becomes a finishing material for ceilings and walls. This, in addition to its properties as a thermal and acoustic insulator and as a CO2 absorber, makes wood a structural element that can be wisely used to resolve many construction and design challenges. Besides, by using structural wood, the construction is “sheltered” with a combination of exterior insulation (SATE) up to 18 cm and/or interior insulation.

The ARV8 building is entirely built with certified wooden plywood panels (CLT) supported by a concrete foundation and basements. The system of precasting these panels, cut with numerical control machines, optimizes the use of raw materials, minimizing waste.

The project presents a breaking image within the urban surroundings in which it stands: a facade made of corrugated zinc sheet metal is perforated by gaps that are organised in accordance with the rhythm of the interior spaces.ARV8 relies on honest material finishes: wood, stone or continuous surface finishes give shape to the language of fluid spaces that are part of the architecture of ÁBATON. Particularly striking are the double height spaces that take place in some houses, where the presence of structural wood is revealed in walls and ceilings, which are the visible and gentle side of the building’s skeleton.

In order to ensure the energy efficiency of the construction, an aerothermal heating and cooling system was defined in the building, supplying both underfloor heating and cooling and the air-conditioning system through ducts, with low consumption.

Team: Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso, Ignacio Lechón, Fernando Alonso, Marta Hombrados, Jesus Ágreda, Jorge Porto, Blanca Marías
Interior Design: BATAVIA · Photography: Belén Imaz

Construction System

Photography: Queima Films, Juan Baraja.


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