For the first time in two decades, we have conceived a project of a spiritual nature. It is the pantheon that we have built in a graveyard in the Northwest of Madrid. It is a work that once again proves that architecture always tells a story, holds a meaning and spreads coherence. It was conceived as “a place to remember moments of happiness and to mitigate the pain of a loss, where everyone can meet the course of time, in a quiet and peaceful way”.


Precisely, and due to the fact that the passage of time is unavoidable, natural materials were chosen to make it more beautiful as it becomes older: chestnut wood, concrete and granite. The design avoids artificiality and looks for pure lines. There is a bench in front of the columbarium that invites the visitor to relax in an open space that connects with nature and its symbolism: an olive tree, a tree with a very long life and beautiful ageing, related to peace, and a cypress tree, planted in the back part that matches the cross which was carved in the concrete, and whose length symbolises the approach to the divine with the course of life. It is worth emphasizing other elements such as the cross, which keeps the golden proportion, or golden measure, that contributes to the balance of the whole. Regarding the foundation, it is set back from the volume in order to enhance the feeling that the piece floats and rises. The pantheon is entered through an isolate granite piece and it is designed for niches and coffins”.

Team: Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso, Ignacio Lechón, Fernando Alonso, Marta Hombrados, Guillermo Santos, Isabel Largo Blasco
Photographies: Juan Baraja

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