Casa del Pico


The sharp slope from street level to the back of the site made it vital to conceive of two floors.

The presence of granite throughout prompted the design conceit of dual structures floating above the stone itself. In order to emulate the geometry of the stone, the base of the swimming pool is uneven and mirrors the shapes etched out by the granite over which it is built. The ground floor was designed to interact closely with the outside so that the garden is perceived as an extension of the interior. The upper floor, where the living room and the children’s area are located, was linked to the swimming pool. The rooftop terrace over the living room boasts views of the mountains and city and comes with a giant built-in bench which additionally acts as a barrier. Changes in usage within open-plan areas are punctuated by differing ceiling or floor heights.

Interior Design: BATAVIA · Photography: Belén Imaz

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