Cambrils House


The shape of the land which hosts this project -two rectangles joined by a long, narrow corridor- was a challenge to us from the beginning: we needed to build a house that, despite being boxed in, would provide a sense of space therefore, the long corridor conditioned the planning of the house. We stressed the land’s peculiarity from the entrance hall, linking the indoor areas with the site increasing the perception of space.


From the hall -located on the middle of the floor plan- a stair takes off and vertically contours the space; it also gives access to all the rooms creating an interesting and entertaining game of floor levels that eliminates the need of corridors.

We designed a big central living room and kitchen with high ceilings, bright and fully linked to the site which surprisingly constrasts from the dark acess door. The playroom on the second floor was given an outdoor terrace and the swimming pool was located at the back of the terrain.

Interior Design: BATAVIA

Interior Design: BATAVIA

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